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    Coltan Processing Line
    Introduction of Coltan processing line
    Tantalum is a rare metal with a content of 0.0002% in the earth’s crust, which is often co-existed with niobium in nature. Many minerala Contain tantalum mineral content, but seldom tantalum mineral mine(Ta/Nb ≥ 1), with industrial value of the main minerals are: coltan[(Fe, Mn) (Ta, Nb) 2 o6], heavy tantalite (FeTa2O6), microlite [(Na, Ca) Ta2O6 (O, OH, F)] and black thin gold [(Y, Ca, Ce, U, Th) (Nb, Ta, Ti) 2 o6], etc.
    DESEN machinery have rich experiece tachinical team for coltan ore features reaserch and processing line designs. Below coltan processing line is low invest cost and highly efficiently.
    In order to give you a responsible designing.Pls kindly inform us the following information
    1.What type minerals is your mining?
    2.What’s the maximum size (?mm)of the raw ore?
    3. How much handling capacity(ton/hour) for the project?
    4. Provide us a mineral & Chemical components analysis report if you have.
    Mali Tantalum ore Separation