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    Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
    The product selects cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as carcass, Cover rubber selects a blend of NR and BR, which has the properties of high elasticity, shock resistance, cold resistance etc, It can work normally under the conditions of -40°C.
    Suitable for conveying materials outdoors in freezing area, cold storage etc.
    Cover physical property indexes
    Item Index
    H D L
    Tensile Strength / Mpa ≥
    Breaking Elongation / % ≥ 450400350
    Ageing experiment
    (70°C, 7d) Change rate of tensile strength / % ±25±25±25
    Change rate of breaking elongation / % ±25±25±25
    Abrasion / mm3 ≤ 120100200
    Cold resistant coefficient at elongate ≥ C1(-45°C) 0.3
    C2(-50°C) 0.2
    C1– temperature condition is -45°C~+50°C;
    C2– temperature condition is -60°C~+50°CHeavy Duty Fabric Conveyor Belt suppliers