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    Product Introduction
    Best price polymer dosing machine municipal sewage treatment plant
    •Automatically Operate
    •Amount of the powder feeding is exactitude
    •SUS304 crust, all imported parts
    •All message is output by touch
    •Guarantee the treatment effect, avoid waste
    •Attractive appearance
    Product Addlication
    •Aid condensation of city sewage
    •Aid condensation of industry sewage
    •Disposal and deposit of sludge
    Automatic Chemical Dosing Machine / Polymer Preparation and Dosing Unit is composed of screw sludge dehydrator, dosing device, dosing pump, sludge pump and electric control cabinet, sludge is pumped into screw sludge dewatering machine mixing tank. Dosing device adopts manual operation, chemical through metering pump into flocculation box together with sludge, flocculation alum flowers after screw body dehydration to mud cake discharge to the bucket, the above equipment fixed inside the container, according to design requirements and connecting piping, all equipment unified connection to the electrical control cabinet for automatic control.
    River sludge treatment, domestic sludge treatment, livestock sludge concentration treatmrnt, mobile screw sludge dehydration machine for waste water treatment can directly to the sludge site for processing.PAM Polymer Dosing Machine manufacturers