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    The Displacement Heat Exchanger component–floating coiled tube is adopted in volume heat exchanger to heat the water in the tank layer by layer until temperature of the outlet reaches the preset value and generates domestic hot water. Displacement Heat Exchanger coiled tube is a new type of water heating equipment which is extensively applied in sanitary water heating system in schools, hospitals and hotels.
    Quick start up:
    Due to the special structure of this product, the hot water generated from it can quickly reach the hot water outlet on the top of the tank, and therefore can provide hot water without the need of heating most part of the cold water.

    High heat transfer coefficient:
    With high-effect heat transfer element featured by high heat transfer coefficient and continuous micro-dithering of floating coiled tube in the process of heat exchange, floating coiled tube can realize dynamic heat transfer and substantially improve the performance of heat exchanger.

    Remote possibility for fouling:
    As floating coiled tube is adopted in the heat exchanger, and the fluid that easily forms turbulence has fairly strong flushing effect on the wall surface of heat-exchange tube, the possibility for fouling is remote.

    No cold water area:
    High cubic utilization rate: This product heats the cold water at the bottom of the tank all the time. When the water supply volume is lower than the quoted water supply capacity, it will gradually heat all cold water in the tank without leaving any cold water area to maintain maximum stock of hot water. When the water supply volume is higher than the quoted water supply capacity, the hot water stored in the tank and the water heated instantly will be supplied to withstand the peak of water consumption.

    Water sanitation:
    Multiple groups of floating coiled tubes are set in the heat exchanger. The unique pagoda structure allows for quick heating, uniform temperature, and constant temperature of outcoming water without the formation of dead water area. Therefore, hot water will not generate bacteria in the heat exchanger and hereby can ensure cleanness and sanitation of water.
    Displacement Heat Exchanger Advantage:
    1. Save Energy
    2. Have the good structure property
    3. With the nice efficient heat transmission
    4. Possess compact structure and small volume
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