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    The Surge Counter is connected under the arrester in serial, it isused for recording the operating times of arrester. JS-8 type is allied for 6KV -220KV arrester. The environment condition shall meet the requirement of the arrester, for example, the altitude doesn’t exceed 4000m, the environment temperature is -40 Centigrade, the counter can’t be put in the place that includes gas eroding metal and insulation parts, serious pollution and drastic vibration.
    The Discharging Counter is made up of valve element, silicon bridge type rectifier, capacitor, electromagnetic counter etc. It makes use of the arrester energy (surge current and power frequency current) of fetch the voltage on valve element (non linear resistance), then it charges to the capacitor in single direction through silicon bridge type rectifier, makes the coils of electromagnetic counter discharge with form of DC power to move the counter, thus it can realize that the operating times can be recorded.
    Nominal discharge current : 10kA 8/20μs wave
    Residual voltage : 1.5kV peak
    Long duration current impulse withstand : 600A 2ms wave
    Maximum high current withstand : 100kA 4/10μs wave
    Minimum count current : 50A 8/20μs wave
    Counter : 0~9 digit cyclometer
    Under continuous operating Voltage : <3Vbuy Lightning Arrester Spare Part