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  • ◆Our History
    Integrate Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (ISCM) ,established in 2012, in the past years our company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing logistics companies, Our business has developed rapidly with high-quality service, convenient network and good reputation, ISCM has established branches in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and S…[Read more]

  • Our History
    Hangzhou Omega Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Zhejiang China, our company is specialized in manufacturing, developing and marketing sewing machinery,embroidery machine ,cutting machine and kinds of motors. Some of our products meets “CE” standard. Our company have got experience and strong technology…[Read more]

  • Sheenly lighting is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales and service. The company was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 12 million yuan. It has 40, 000 m2 of independent factories in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province. It has 320 employees and production capacity of more than 4,000,000 pcs luminaires annually and…[Read more]

  • FM430Q
    FM430Q Electric floor polisher
    Eccentric design, gear transmission, central foaming, flexible operation, washing, carpet washing, waxing and low-speed polishing. This machine can be equipped with PX50 electronic foaming box, which is more convenient for carpet cleaning.
    Product…[Read more]

  • ZIBO GOLD FEIYUE LIGHT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. established in the year of 2006, our company is a professional exporter of all types of glass products. During the over ten years, we gained extensive experience in this line. Due to our strict quality control management, our products meet the international quality standards and gained the confirmation…[Read more]

  • The Displacement Heat Exchanger component–floating coiled tube is adopted in volume heat exchanger to heat the water in the tank layer by layer until temperature of the outlet reaches the preset value and generates domestic hot water. Displacement Heat Exchanger coiled tube is a new type of water heating equipment which is extensively applied in…[Read more]

  • Anhui Forestwind Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of towel. Mainly engaged in the towel products, and bedding sets as a supplement, with an annual output value of 0.5 billion USD. In the production equipment, process technology , product quality, international influence are among the best, with respect to the international and…[Read more]

  • Characterization :
    The PL series Aggregate Batching Machine can automatically carry out batching procedures of sand,stone, and other aggregates according to the concrete ratio which has been set by the user. It’s mainly
    used for the preparation of concrete mixture. The machine can be used as the supporting machine of the ready mix c…[Read more]

  • The Surge Counter is connected under the arrester in serial, it isused for recording the operating times of arrester. JS-8 type is allied for 6KV -220KV arrester. The environment condition shall meet the requirement of the arrester, for example, the altitude doesn’t exceed 4000m, the environment temperature is -40 Centigrade, the counter can’t be…[Read more]

  • NINGBO AGSUN PRODUCTS.INC is located in the Cixi, It is close to Ningbo、Hangzhou & Shanghai, It is very convenient for transportation and logistics. AGSUN was established at 2001 and set up a strategic collaboration with “WEBER”from 2004. There is 210,000 square meters modern workshop among the rest. There are 800 employees and a staff of more…[Read more]

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    We are professional manufacture massage pillow, neck&shoulder massager, massage cushion and foot massager etc. Daily produce 2,000pcs, we do OEM and ODM for customer.
    We have FDA, CE, ROHS, UL, GS, KC certification.
    We have injection molding machine, High pressure measuring machine,Automatic screw lock machine. Automatic packing machine.
    We o…[Read more]

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    The TH-UQ series of NTNP gas-liquid dyeing machine independently researched and developed by Wuxi TONGHUA DYE-FINISHING MACHINE CO., LTD. Not only inherits the advantages of airflow dying and jet dyeing, but also displays the advantages of water saying, steam saving and electricity saving. The independent dyeing liquor circulation and air…[Read more]

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    Basic Info:
    Model NO.:KH4A
    Product Name: 4 Axis Atc CNC Router
    Working area: 1300X2500mmx400mm
    Workpiece Height: 400mm
    Table: T-slot vacuum table
    CNC Controller: Syntec
    Spindle: 9KW Italy HSD spindle,±90 degree
    Drive motors: Japan Yaskawa servo motor
    Magazine: Linear 8 pcs auto tool changer
    Inverter: 11KW Delta
    Trademark: QUICK…[Read more]

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    LOPOTTION furniture group is one of leading office furniture manufacturer in China, offering modern
    designs and revolutionary workspace to individuals and business alike. Established in 2000,With its effort in quality and service, LOPOTTION group has established many branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and other cities…[Read more]

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    Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
    The product selects cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as carcass, Cover rubber selects a blend of NR and BR, which has the properties of high elasticity, shock resistance, cold resistance etc, It can work normally under the conditions of -40°C.
    Suitable for conveying materials…[Read more]

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    Our products including:
    * Wallpaper adhesive glue powder;
    * Wallpaper primer;
    * Non-woven wallpaper and wallcloth;
    * Wallpaper special tools.
    High Viscosity Wallpaper Glue Power
    Adopting Cellulose, Modified Starch as raw material,
    With strong adhesive, eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-soluble, easy to use.
    GP-301 Pre-mixed sticky rice…[Read more]

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    Quantity: 1pcs
    Cell Voltage:1.2/1.5V
    Battery Capacity:Max up 2700mAh
    Cell Number:Five
    LED: 10pcs 20pcs
    Length: 2M
    Product Dimensions: 2M total cable length between the first LED lamp to the last
    Environmental protection. No electricity. Long endurance. Bright colors, low maintenance failure may flicker. Long bright.…[Read more]

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